Vincent Laforet

There are so many superlatives to Vincent Laforet’s career, that it’s hard to list them all without sounding sycophantic. After a Pulitzer Prize winning career as a news photographer, Vincent singlehandedly launched the DSLR Cinema revolution with his short film “Reverie”. That film was the spark that ignited an entire industry, as tens of thousands of aspiring filmmakers began making cinematic quality images with relatively affordable gear.

While everyone was trying to catch up to Reverie, Vincent had already become one of the most in-demand commercial directors, with a client list that is the who’s who of advertising. And then, as if to prove that he hadn’t wandered too far from his photographic roots, Vincent released a fine-art project called AIR featuring mesmerizing high-altitude nighttime photography. The project was a huge success with a gallery opening and a 228 page coffee table book.