100mm Holder Kit

100mm Holder Kit

from 299.00

Kit includes:

  • 1x 100mm Holder System
  • 1x 100x100mm Filter Vault
  • 1x 100x150mm Grad Filter Vault
  • 1x Adapter Ring
  • 1x Circular Polarizer (Optional - $150 additional)
Adapter Ring:
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About 100mm

The 100mm filter size is the most widely supported size of square and rectangular filter. Multiple manufacturers produce 100mm filters.

How to purchase

Choose the adapter ring to fit your lens. Determine if you want your kit to include a polarizer.

The Polarizer

The Wine Country Camera 100mm holder system features an integrated rotating, circular polarizer. The polarizer fits inside the holder body, eliminating reflections and allowing geared rotation. We worked with a high-end optics manufacturer to develop the highest possible quality polarizer. Our polarizer uses 2.5mm thick Schott optical glass that is fire polished, free of surface aberrations and suitable for use with the highest resolving cameras on the market - including 100+ megapixel medium format cameras.

For a description of holder features, check out Holder page

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