Kinesis 10 Filter Pouch

Kinesis 10 Filter Pouch


This kit includes the following:

  • The Kinesis F169 Large Grad Filter Pouch
  • The Quick Release Extender Strap (shoulder strap)
  • ID Tabs for Filter Pouches
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We first saw the Kinesis Large Grad Filter Pouch while on a trip with Ted Forbes of Art of Photography and were immediately impressed. The Kinesis Pouch features a plush interior with individual slots for 10 filter vaults, and if you’re willing to put more than one item in each slot, you could probably squeeze a couple more in there too. You can fit any combination of ND or Grad filters, WCC Adapter Rings, or a WCC polarizer into the divider.

The exterior of the pouch is constructed from rugged Cordura and is padded front and rear with 6mm of closed cell foam to protect your gear. The rear of the pack features both twin D-rings for lashing the pouch to a larger camera bag, and the Kinesis Attachment Tab System, which is a clever hook and loop belt attachment system.

This pouch is available in a variety of configurations, however, we only sell the pouch as a kit with the grab handle extension and the divider identification tabs. The kit is only a few dollars more than the bare bones pouch, but really adds some nice features to the system. The grab handle extension converts the grab handle into a shoulder strap, and the divider tabs are a great way to label the dividers for easy filter identification in the field.

It’s a great system and a nice addition to a WCC Filter Holder Kit.

Please note: All Wine Country Camera Filter Holder Systems include a WCC filter pouch. But, our pouch is decidedly basic and intended as a starter pouch to get you going and provide a modicum of filter protection so you can get into the field and start shooting right away. The Kinesis Pouch is awesome, highly recommended as an upgrade.