Lens Shade / Trucker Hat

Lens Shade / Trucker Hat


Choose your favorite color and get outside! They have the one-size-fits-all snap back along with the “trucker” style mesh, but the front of the cap is structured and low-rise with a curved bill.

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People often ask us why the Wine Country Camera filter holder system doesn’t include a lens shade. Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Lens shades are like adding a sail to the top of your tripod, and with today’s high megapixel cameras, eliminating camera shake is far more critical than ever before. Tiny sensor sites packed tightly together only need to move microns before they’re creating blur and robbing your image of resolution. So we designed the filter system to operate without an attached shade. We designed the vaults to eliminate stray light from the edges of the filters, and the holder system has oversized top and bottom fences to keep rear light from polluting as well.

But we thought … what if we could do “a little bit more” to protect your lens from flare, and what if we could do it in such a way that it would be impossible to create camera shake? And what if that lens shade could have a second purpose, like keeping the sun off of your head?

So today we introduce the Wine Country Camera Lens Shade!

Simply store the lens shade on top of your head when you’re not shooting. When you’re making an exposure, position the lens shade between the lens and the sun with one hand, and with the other hand depress the shutter button (preferably on vibration delay mode). This valuable tool will increase the contrast and sharpness on all of your images - including your personal image! Imagine that.

For best results, remove your camera strap from your camera when it’s on the tripod.

Available in three awesome colors, with a Wine Country Camera logo embroidered on the front and our “Shoot First. Drink Later.” slogan printed on the side. Enjoy.

Sorry kids, no returns.