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Noun: A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime. An ardent supporter or devotee: e.g. a jazz aficionado. Synonyms: connoisseur, expert, authority, specialist.


Our Team

These are artists whose devotion to photography is equal to our devotion to deliver them a great product. 


David Brookover

David is one of the finest fine art photographers in the world, and a master of the 8x10 camera. David was Fujifilm's in-house photographer for many years and was involved in the development of Velvia and Provia. Today, David makes his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the David Brookover Gallery displays his gorgeous Platinum Palladium, Silver Gelatin, Photogravure, and Bromoil prints.


Lucas Gilman

Lucas is one of the world’s leading adventure photographers. His images have a natural sense of grandeur. His “little person, big landscape” philosophy often features his subject enveloped in the beauty of a rugged earth. Lucas produces his amazing images for a wide range of A-list clients including Land Rover, Red Bull, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Outside Magazine.


Brian Matiash

Brian is a true aficionado of filters. Much of Brian’s work centers around falling water, be it streams, waterfalls, or seascapes. An ethereal quality is pervasive throughout his work. Brian is also one of the most important community builders in the digital photography era. He’s an educator, workshop leader, vlogger, and was once even leader of Google’s photo community.


Sharon Tenenbaum

Sharon Tenenbaum is one of the true innovators in modern digital photography. Sharon and her peers in the Vision Explorer group have redefined what is possible with long exposure fine art photography. Her architectural photography is a radical departure from what was possible only a few years ago. In 2015 Sharon’s work was featured on billboards across her home province of British Columbia, Canada.


Joey Skibel

Joey’s photographic career includes both the highest quality advertising photography and extraordinary fine art. Joey was chosen by Pentax as their lead photographer in the development and promotion of their medium format 645Z camera system. Joey also uses his photography to bring awareness to species preservation, especially relating to Rhino poaching in Africa.

Dany Eid

Dany’s portfolio of work is extremely diverse, and includes corporate, architecture, landscape, travel and lifestyle photography. Based in Dubai, Dany often shoots from the rooftops throughout the city, resulting in architectural photography is amongst the finest in the world. Dany works closely with both Nikon and Zeiss, and is the leading photographer and photo educator in the middle east. A true luminary.


Vincent Laforet

There are so many superlatives to Vincent Laforet’s career, that it’s hard to list them all without sounding sycophantic. After a Pulitzer Prize winning career as a news photographer, Vincent singlehandedly launched the DSLR Cinema revolution with his short film “Reverie”. That film was the spark that ignited an entire industry, as tens of thousands of aspiring filmmakers began making cinematic quality images with relatively affordable gear.

While everyone was trying to catch up to Reverie, Vincent had already become one of the most in-demand commercial directors, with a client list that is the who’s who of advertising. And then, as if to prove that he hadn’t wandered too far from his photographic roots, Vincent released a fine-art project called AIR featuring mesmerizing high-altitude nighttime photography. The project was a huge success with a gallery opening and a 228 page coffee table book.

Mark Handy

Mark’s landscape photography covers a variety of styles, from hyper-realism to pure abstraction, but it all shares a common fingerprint that is Mark Handy. His vibrant colors weave a tale of the majesty and romance of the natural world. Mark’s large prints are coveted by collectors, and yet he only produces editions of 1. Meaning that each piece of art is as individual as an original oil painting. Indeed, as original as the artist himself.



Henthorne’s work goes beyond photography as art. It combines true artistry and impeccable technique to create modern masterpieces. Henthorne’s Between Worlds project was selected for display in the prestigious Leica Gallery in Los Angeles. His work focuses on the zen balance created when sea meets land.


Lee Sie

Lee's photography exemplifies the ethos that drives Wine Country Camera. Lee's work features an understated elegance that makes you want to exhale away your day-to-day tensions and just soak in the golden light featured in many of his photographs. A master of color and composition, Lee's work hangs in private collections and galleries around the world.


Vassilis Tangoulis

Art isn’t really quantifiable. There’s no “best” in art. But you could argue that there are a few artist in the world whose work is so progressive that their work is superior to others. Meet Vassilis Tangoulis. There are probably four or five people on the planet capable of producing long exposure fine-art photography at his level. Vassilis transforms raw nature into dreamy scenes filled with fluidity, serenity, and wonder. Vassilis shows us the trajectory of where we’re going with digital photography. And while we heap praise upon his work, when asked directly about it Vassilis replied humbly “Each of us has the blessing of having a unique style concerning processing and thematology...”

Bart Heirweg

Bart’s images create a zen-like communion between nature and the viewer. There’s an ease and tranquility reminiscent of the great impressionist master Claude Monet. And yet, unlike impressionism, Bart’s images have a very tangible realism, as if you the viewer are truly there in that moment.


Kevin Holliday

Kevin is a force majeure in the world of long-exposure fine-art photography. Beyond his eye for composition (which is impeccable), and beyond his talent for using long-exposure techniques to achieve his visualization (which is also impeccable), Kevin is truly focused on delivering fine art. Printed. Gorgeous. Hanged. Fine Art. And that is something we hold in very high esteem.