100mm FAQ

What filters work with this holder?

100mm is the most popular size of square and rectangular filter for professional and advanced amateur photographers. 100x100mm ND and 100x150mm grad filters are well supported in the market, and manufactured by Lee, Formatt-Hitech, Nisi and others.

Service Advisory: We are noticing that some Lee grads have been produced at a thickness outside of their specification. If you experience difficulty installing your grad, contact us immediately and we will resolve it for you.

What lenses work with this holder?

Wine Country Camera’s 100mm holder system is designed to accommodate most DSLR and Mirrorless camera lenses. Adapter rings are available for all popular lens sizes from 47mm to 86mm. Choose a ring with your kit. Additional rings are available for purchase individually.

Will my wide angle lens vignette?

We have not tested every lens on the market for vignetting. Approximately 17mm seems to be the widest usable angle. But this is dependent upon lens model. We hope to develop a database of lenses soon.

Can I use my own polarizer?

Unfortunately not. Our integrated polarizer is designed to fit inside the holder itself, eliminating reflections while enhancing usability and adjustability.

Brand X includes a polarizer with their holder, why don’t you?

The “included” polarizer from cheap holder systems is made from extremely thin and inexpensive window pane glass. The tolerances for surface flatness are extremely low, meaning that significant image degradation occurs. Our polarizer is 2.5mm thick and made from the finest optical glass materials in the world.

Why do you use wood handles?

Wood is a natural, sustainable material that is also lightweight and rugged. Wood also has a high temperature stability, meaning it will not get too hot on hot days or too cold on cold days. Wood improves the user interaction, and looks amazing.

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