150mm Filter Holder System - How To

Removing and Installing the Polarizer

The red latches keep the polarizer from falling out of the holder system. To remove the polarizer, position the holder face down, gently open both red latches.

Caution! The red latches only operate when there is no adapter ring installed. Do not force them!


Position your hand to catch the polarizer.


Turn the holder face up. If the polarizer doesn’t immediately fall out, give it a gentle pole near the bottom of the polarizer ring. Avoid touching the glass.


Installing the Lens-Specific Adapter Ring

Mount the adapter ring to the holder system and tighten the brass knob. Do not over-tighten.


Slide the adapter ring over the lens barrel until the lens gently contacts the polarizer. Retract the system about 1mm so that the polarizer can rotate freely, then tighten the adapter ring.


Installing the Threaded Adapter Ring

Thread the adapter ring onto the lens.


Attach the holder to the adapter ring, then tighten the brass knob.


Removing The Adapter Ring

Open the safety catch, then loosen the brass knob to remove the holder system.


Adjusting the Polarizer

Look through the lens. Use the knob to adjust the polarizer. The polarizer is most effective when the lens is positioned perpendicular to the direction of the sun.


Install & Adjust Grad Filters

Install the grad filter in the outer filter slot. Use the button to adjust the horizon. Depress, adjust, release.


Installing a ND Filter

Install the ND filter in the rear slot of the holder system. The handle allows the ND filter to be installed and removed without disturbing focusing and composition after the grad filter has been positioned.

Compose your shot, adjust your polarizer and grad filter, then drop in that heavy ND stack, adjust your exposure, and shoot.

Caution: There is no safety catch for the ND filters. Don’t invert the holder with the ND installed.


Installing Filters into Vaults

Rotate the wine coin to open the vault. Insert the filter, then rotate the coin to securely lock in the filter.


Rod Clark