Filter Vaults

Filter Vaults

from 35.00

Filter Vaults are available as follows

  • 4 Packs of ND Vaults

  • 4 Packs of Grad Vaults

  • 4 Packs of 2 ND + 2 Grad Vaults

  • Individual ND Vaults

  • Individual Grad Vaults

Packs are priced at approximately a 30% discount when compared to individuals vaults. So, you're paying for less than three and receiving four.

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ND Vault

ND Vaults fit 100x100x2mm or 150x150x2mm glass or resin filters. It’s called a “ND” vault because it has been designed to fit in the rear slot of the holder and create a light tight seal against the holder body, which is ideal for dark ND filters. But this vault can be used with any solid color square filter too.

Grad Vault

Grad Vaults are taller than the ND Vault and fit into the outer slots of the holder. Grad Vaults are vertically adjustable using the buttons on the holder system. The Grad Vaults have a catch feature that stops them from falling to the floor when the button is pushed.

The Wine Coin

The Wine Coin is a fun and innovative solution for safely locking your filters into the vault without adding any additional height or size to the vault itself. We want to keep the vaults as small as possible so we’re not filling up your camera bags with unnecessary bulk. The engraving gives it grip for rotation, and the brass “relics” really quickly giving it a groovy vintage vibe.