Blackstone ND Filters

Blackstone ND Filters

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Choosing Your Blackstone ND

Blackstone ND filters are available in 3, 6 and 10 stop densities.

  • Blackstone ND 3 Stops is excellent for making aperture adjustments to give you that shallow depth of field look, or to make longer exposures during sunrise or sunset and in shaded areas.

  • Blackstone ND 6 Stops is an excellent all around filter for landscape photographers. It's just dense enough to give a pleasant long exposure effect in just about any conditions.

  • Blackstone ND 10 Stops is a true long exposure filter that allows the photographer to capture misty water, ethereal clouds, and to effectively blur-out people from crowded urban areas.

The Blackstone ND 10 Stop filter provides motion blur in people and water, and remains color neutral with no loss of resolution.

The Blackstone ND 10 Stop filter provides motion blur in people and water, and remains color neutral with no loss of resolution.

Blackstone ND Features

100% Neutral. 100% Resolution.

Blackstone ND filters are a technological leap-frog advancement over competing ND filters. Legacy dye-based ND filters suffer from serious color cast. The first generation of Vapor Deposition Coated (VDC) ND filters have largely corrected the color cast problem, but lack the ability to resolve high-megapixel camera without diffusing the image. Wine Country Camera’s exclusive Blackstone ND features the next generation of vapor deposition coating that is both perfectly neutral across all spectrums of light (including UV and IR) and resolves the image with zero diffusion effect.

Visible Light + UV & IR

Digital cameras place a far greater demand on filters to perform across the entire light spectrum due to the digital sensor’s ability to record both UV and Infrared light. Legacy “stoppers” are now obsolete as the digital sensor records both the color cast and the infrared light pollution that overwhelms the sensor and causes digital artifacts. Blackstone’s NextGen VCD technology is perfectly neutral across all spectrums.

Fire Polished Schott Ultra White Glass

If you’re going to build the best ND filter in the world, use the best glass in the world. Period. Schott’s Ultra White optical glass has a crystal-like appearance and extremely high transmittance across the visible light spectrum. Schott Ultra White glass features an extremely flat, fire polished surface to eliminate any visible distortions caused by surface imperfections.


150+ Megapixel

The trajectory of cameras and megapixels is an obvious one. 35mm sensors are regularly resolving 40+ to 50+ megapixels, while medium format cameras are at 150 megapixels. Many filters (especially bonded ones) simply cannot resolve light at a sufficient resolution. The result is blurring of the image. Blackstone ND filters are designed and extensively tested on high megapixel Phase One cameras to ensure that they resolve to the highest degree possible. The Blackstone ND coating is the state of the art in ND science. 

Includes Protective Filter Vault

Each Blackstone ND filter includes a protective filter vault for free (a $35 value). Filter vaults protect the filter from fingerprints and damage. When used in the Wine Country Camera filter holder system, they create a light tight enclosure to eliminate reflections behind your filters.
Wine Country Camera’s innovative filter holder system redefined how photographers use filters.

Our holder system focuses usability once the camera is on the tripod, and allows the photographer to fine tune their images using an iterative workflow.

WCC Quality

Our mission is clear. We’re dedicated to providing the most innovative products available for photographers. We don’t skimp on quality and only use the finest materials. Anything less is unacceptable.